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• Check if glass is scratch-resistant and suitable for scraper use.
Unsuitable for use - e.g. Plexiglas, crown glass, solar glass, safety glass
(ESG). Follow the manufacturer‘s care instructions.
• Perform a scrape test in advance on an inconspicuous section.
• Before starting work, check the glass for damage and report it, if necessary.
• Check the blade for damage and change it, if necessary, or reverse it.
• The surface to be scraped should always be wet.
• Itis best to use a release agent, e.g. Unger’s Liquid.
• Always scrape in one direction!
Never pull the scraper back -it's a scratch risk!
• After scraping, check if adhesive or stucco residues are stuck to blade.
If necessary, change or reverse blade.

• Made of extra-sharp carbon steel.
• Each blade is 4-way sharpened.
• Two sharp sidesfortwice the wear on selected
scraper blades.
• Both sides lacquered for longer rust protection.
• Individual wrapping in wax paper helps to protect
blades from rusting and sticking together.
• Safely packed and stored in convenient plastic
dispenser. Blades remain dry and always available
in safe dispenser.
ATTENTION! blades are razor-sharp.
Always handle with greatest care.
Use caution when changing blade!

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